How is it powered if it doesn't need charging?

NFC tags are regarded as passive devices - they operate without a power supply. The same applies for the E Ink technology it does not additional power input to hold the design displayed on it. The NFC tags are reliant on an active device to come into close range before they activate. These active devices are for example your smartphones.  

In order to power these NFC tags, electromagnetic induction is used to create a current in the passive device. We won’t get into too much technical detail-basic principle is that coils of wire can be used to produce electromagnetic waves, which can then be picked up and turned back into current by a another coil of wire. This is very similar to the techniques used for other wireless charging technologies. This EM induction is generated by your smartphone at being held at close range to the #tago arc's NFC tag - which is currently placed on the inside of the bracelet. 

I have an android tablet - does the #tago arc work with a tablet too?

If your tablet is an Android tablet and has the NFC in it, than you can use your tablet as well.

Can I get it in colour?

E Ink can only display greyscale images with the current displays. In fact, there are some coloured E Ink displays on the market today, it’s just not only they’re ridiculously expensive, but also their colours are kind of pale and we decided not to use them until there will be premium quality available of this technology as well. 

How does E Ink work exactly?

If you’re interested to know more about how E Ink works check out this website:

E Ink does require some charge to change its state. Typically how much power will be required from a smartphone battery that's being used to change the image?

The power requirement depends on the smartphone used - the bracelet's electronics requires a couple of milliamp for a few seconds - this is an insignificant amount compared to the other power needs of the phone. 

Where can I find more pictures to tag onto my bracelet?

We are currently in the process of the developing a #pic market, an app that will allow you to browse and buy or download for free from thousands of picture provided by our artist and designer community. You will also have the option to have your own gallery where you can store your own edited pictures and just simply select one tag it and wear it. 

The available designs are practically limitless, as we are drawing upon the creativity and artistic genius of the tago community. 

Can I use my tago bracelet with my iPhone?

For those of you with an iPhone out there, tago application is currently android only. The iPhone 6 already has the NFC technology in it, it is however only enabled by Apple for Apple Pay at the moment. We believe that the iPhone community will be able to enjoy the #tago arc feeling in the near future as well, as online rumor has it that Apple is considering expanding NFC in its future iPhones beyond Apply Pay. For now, you’ll need a smartphone with an android version 4 or later to be able to interact with the tago arc.