We created the world’s first wearable that needs NOCHARGE - a premium high-fashion & high-tech bracelet with endless possibilities. 

It is only one bracelet but thanks to the full E Ink display and the NFC technology the wearer can continuously change the displayed design on it to always match one’s mood and outfit. 

It is simple to use:
•    Create or choose a design from thousands of unique designs in the tago app.
•    Download it on to your smartphone
•    Tag it onto the bracelet in the go, anytime anywhere without having to recharge it ever!



… that it operates without Bluetooth, cables or cords, furthermore it doesn’t require any charging, ever. What makes you fall in love with is that it’s in perfect harmony with you and so are you with the world.



The tago arc is a durable premium quality accessory that always matches the wearer’s mood and attire. It is lightweight and fashionable.
The designs are displayed in simple greyscale. The #tago arc comes in three colors - silver/gold/ black that guarantees the timeless elegance of the bracelet. It truly needs no cord or charging and it has no buttons on it. Just tag it and wear it.

In the era of smartwatches and fitness bands, the Arc promises to be a simple fashion accessory with no fancy sensors to track your health vitals or offer notification alerts.
— Gizmodo


We are obsessed with creating every single inch of the tago arc bracelet insanely perfect. The tago arc is an exceptional product, with high quality components. During the design and development process we went to great length to ensure that we deliver only the best to our customers.



The wearer will never be annoyed with depleted batteries and elaborate app settings. The tago arc is a comfortable wearable tech for the purpose of looking good on one’s wrist


TAGO APP – coming soon to Google Play and iTunes

The tago app is currently in the beta testing phase. Here you will have access to the coolest and most exotic designs, patterns, and drawings to browse and wear. You will also be able to take pictures with your phone, upload it into the tago app to tag it on your tago arc.
As the wearer you will never have to do more than buy or create an image (or use a freebie), select the image for transfer via the app and hold your phone close to your tago arc. The image and energy transfer works automatically, smooth and fast.

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