Liber8tech News 24/01/2018

Dear Backers,

We have completed the deliveries of all the SILVER “M” and SILVER “L” bracelets and our team is super happy about all the kind words and appreciation that the new tago arc owners have showed. 
The "S" sized SILVER tago arcs are being shipped directly to their final recipients and we expect everyone to receive them within the next few months.

We will continue to post any news to keep you updated.


Liber8tech News 25/10/2017

Dear Backers,

Thank you for your persistent support, you are truly fantastic! We shipped 100+ bracelets and the rest is yet to come. Thank you for the magnificent feedbacks and appraisals. We know that many of you are impatient, but those who have it – can confirm – it worth it.

We completed SILVER “M” and SILVER “L” deliveries. We are now solving our “S” size issues and colour problems. As we did solve many challenges so far, this one will be no exception.

You will know immediately once we are ready for shipment.

During the meanwhile we have done some preparation for the commercial launch and took some fashion photos. Check it out:

Liber8tech News 04/08/2017

Our beloved Supporters!

We would like to thank you all your positive energies that we feel, supporting the project, with feedbacks, notes and with enormous patience. We started the deliveries and many more pre-orders are strictly scheduled for delivery in the coming month. We do not go on holidays in August: we have a job to complete that we started years ago.

We have approved and release the “L”  - LARGE size bracelets as of today. Our next big milestone is to finally approve and proceed with the plated bracelets – GOLD and BLACK – and as well as other sizes- SMALL. Unfortunately more iteration was necessary, which prolonged our timeline. Our best estimate to deliver these units by the end of August 2017.

 The winner.

The winner.

On the way, we won a 1st place award and participate at the investor roadshow, organized by EUROPEAN SUPER ANGELS CLUB, a prestigious Vienna based, global network of business angels. We believe their strong expertise will enable us to continue our revolutionary journey in the fashion and luxury industry.

Liber8tech News 03/16/2017

A message from the CEO of Liber8tech

Most of you probably noticed a decrease in our online outreach and raised the obvious question: “Where on Earth are these people?”.

We were working full time on laying out mass production plans for tago arc, and focusing all our resources on manufacturing unfortunately left us with little or no time for online communication.

But we are here now, and I would like to share an update with you.

For the past couple months we were busy setting up tago arc’s production, which comes with a general trial-and-error phase, constant problem-solving and the remeasurement of all parts until they meet technical criteria and high quality standards. After coming up with fifteen different versions for tago arc bracelet’s electronics and external metal casing through the past six months, we finally finished development.

I am proud to announce that mass production of tago arc has kicked off and the first batch will be a silver size M.

 Pre-orders are now being prepared for shipment, and we will personally deliver the long-awaited tago arcs for our first backers.

  Tago Arc bracelet production unit

Tago Arc bracelet production unit

At the moment we are figuring out a way to manufacture two more sizes (S, L) and colors (gold, black) with accelerated production process and simplified quality control, while keeping high standards.

With a 10.000-piece order coming from US wholesale distributors, tago arc also shows a promising future in retail sales. We are looking for potential distributors in most countries, as we are planning to put tago arc on the shelves worldwide.

And last, but not least, let me share with you some images of the tago arc, the tago app and the package design.

  Tago Arc App

Tago Arc App

  Tago Arc packaging

Tago Arc packaging

We would like to thank all the support, perseverance and patience our costumers and co-workers showed during these past times.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Zoli Kovacs
CEO of Liber8tech

Indiegogo Update 03.13.2017

Dear Backers,

Delay – delay – delay. We do not cease to fail our deadlines, determined by only ourselves. I would love to say that we generate the “delayed gratification”, but I can assure you that our delays are not intentional at all. Let us wind up what happened since January our previously promised deadline:

As the ordered component poured in to our manufacturing facility, guys started to put the puzzle together. The process takes tremendous amount of effort and scrutiny to get the pieces right. You can imagine that between your hand and the screen on top, there are !9! layers all together. This is referred as “the sandwich”. 

 As you can guess for the first trials and errors it was not going smooth. We discovered problems that we are not foreseeable: we had perfect design and models on table for all the individual components, but when they came together, practice overwrote the theory. Namely, the sandwich was too big to fit. We by now overcome the situation, did the necessary modification and spent extra effort and time to harmonize the components. We sacrificed some scrap to save you from a potential discontent.  

We designed and delivered the unique pack for the bracelet and for its accessories. Now you can have a peak into it: 

We have released an additional functionality for the app: “The photo function”. Now you can create your own pattern simply by taking a photo with smartphone’s camera. Simple. Powerful. Endless design. 

As you know by now, the Bluetooth module requires battery in the bracelet. The battery needs charge. As we did not want to see any cord, button or plug. What we use instead is a wireless solution designed by ourselves. The unique shape and layout enables the charger to comfortably sit on the charger while on the charge. Bear in mind that due to the low energy consumption the tago arc bracelet works for more than a month with one charge. 


The best estimate now that we can come up with is by the end of April 2017. Please bear with us a little more as we are again almost there.

Indiegogo update 12.08.2016

Dear Backers,

Let us share the latest insights and happening with L!BER8 and the tago arc product development. Last month we have released the Tago Lounge app – to once and for all confirm all delivery and product details with the backers, finally prepare to for the delivery. Thank you for the massive interest in the app and thank you for your efforts filling out the necessary details. It has truly helped us a lot. In case we have not responded yet, let us know and we resolve the question as soon as possible.

We have also included the tago arc seizer to the e-mail sent out last week. For those of you, who have missed it, you could find it in the following link:

»» Download tago arc Sizer ««

Many of you have reasonably asked me about the delivery dates. I would like to tell you that the last 20 months have exceeded all of our expectations by far – since the closure of the IGG campaign. During the way, we have experienced many technological and financial peculiarities, denting, harming and damaging our progress. We have overcome the challenges, learned from the failures and gained powerful experiences on our journey. Altogether, our best estimate on tago arc delivery is 31th January 2017. Please allow us a flexibility on this hard deadline.

All our procurement has been started, all our technology development has been finalized. Now we are in the hand of our suppliers, in the hand of our partners to roll out the products for you. Please bear with us a little more, as we have turned to the last curve and accelerate to break through the finish-line.

Bluetooth™ over NFC
The battle between the two competing technologies is over – for the moment. As we have mentioned in our previous post the Bluetooth technology has multiple advantages over the NFC. Nearly 99% of our backers and pre-orders have chosen the Bluetooth technology, therefore we decided to proceeded with the necessary procurement for manufacturing and to satisfy the demand.  We have also started to prepare to comply with the Bloutooth license agreement – the official way for products are qualified using the technology. We believe, the ease of use, the wider device compatibility and the better user experience compensate you for the change we have made. And do not forget: the battery inside the tago arc will last up to 45 days without charging.


As you might also follow the latest happenings in the tech-world the latest shock is the Samsung Galaxy Note battery issue. Those batteries were dangerous and increased the likelihood of inflammation. Therefore, every battery supplier refrained their schedule and increased their lead-time due to multiple tests and inspections. We are no exception. Our procurement has also suffering from increased lead-times, making the bottleneck of the manufacturing process. We ensure that all tago arc models comply with the highest industry and safety standards; pass through multiple check points in the assembly process, and guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction. Good news that China does not sleep during the Holidays.

We have always wanted no cords, no buttons, and no charging points on the bracelet. Our design and fashion statement induced us to select the wireless charging solution. The tago arc comes with a custom-made Qi-charger, especially designed for the bracelet. The tago arc sits comfortably on the charger, leading the aesthetics curves and bends of the bracelet. The unerring physical match and seamless connection between the two elements are harmoniously collide to each-other making a noticeable impression with the complementary design. The charger complies with all international and technology standards, like Qi-license, CE/FCC certification.

The most precious part of the tago arc bracelet is the metal surroundings, which gives the jewelry look and distinguished design to the bracelet. The outstanding differentiating factor, which has the defining characteristics to place the bracelet into the “smart-jewelry” category. We have taken special care to select and proceed with the metal-strategy we have envisioned. We use surgical grade stainless steal – without any allergic consequence to the human skin. The metal tools press the parts with 40 tons – approximately 20 Tesla model S cars’ weight – to deliver the fine contours of the metal. The tools are tested, fine-tuned and fully functional to deliver the first batch of bracelet parts.

The metallic parts are taken to another workshop, where the silver, golden and black plating with a procedure known for artisans and jewelry experts. The metals receive a gold/silver black “bath” where the layers are put on the metallic parts. In the final step the plated metals receive a protective lacquer layer, to ensure the plaiting’s durability. The plated metals sit in a lacquer room for a day, to take over the room temperature, only after the layer is spread over the surface. UV lights captures and solidify the layer. The metals dry in a dust-proof same-temperature room for another day to finalize the quality.

At this point, I would like to emphasize that we could have delivered some bracelet, with sub-premium plastic molds, acceptable metallic parts and low-cost e-ink display BUT WE PURSUE THE BEST. During the entire process we accept nothing less than perfect to our bracelet. We want to and would like you to be proud of the tago arc, every time you wear it. Yes, it is hard – Yes, it is long – Yes, it is expensive – but to put it simple: WORTH IT.

The tago app will be released in time with the product delivery. It will have plenty of patterns installed, and it will also incorporate the “photo-function”. The photo function will enable you to create your own pattern, by taking photo of what you want to wear on your wrist. It could be your companion, your car or just a simple pattern – it is up to you.

Thank you for your patience, we keep you posted with the latest happenings in a timely manner. Believe me, no one wants to see more the bracelets off the assembly line more than ME. We are working day and night to bring happiness to your days. 

Update_IDG 0818

Your ultiMATE access to the tago project.

As we get closer and closer to the delivery, that’s how we need to finalize all the pre-orders. Many of the backer community did not respond to our query to confirm delivery details, leaving us confused. Since a lot of time has passed since then, we decided to have a last round of confirmation of your shipping details.

We created an app, which will guide you through the tago arc delivery process. You will not need more than your e-mail address to use the app. This is how we can identify you with your already existing profile and enable you to assess your delivery details.

The application has the purpose of checking your device’s compatibility with the tago arc arriving by the end of the year. You just need to let the app check your version of NFC and Blutetooth of your device.

Furthermore the app will be your ultimate friend regarding the tago project. The app will notify you, in case there is an update in the progress, or when your bracelet is ready for delivery. There is no more e-mails landing in the SPAM folder.


Everyone has a Bluetooth compatible device.Do you recall the process, when you want to use your headphone, but have to set up the Bluetooth connection?

You have to turn the Bluetooth on, search for the device you want to use and pair them. This process has a significant cost in terms of battery time. Bluetooth connections leave your devices’ battery depleted.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) provides a smart solution for the battery problem. It only establish a connection between devices when it needs to. This is why many fitness trackers use the solution, as there is no need for constant usage of the connection.

We chose the BLE technology, because the Tago Arc is now ready for you up to 90 days, with only one charge.

To transmit the pattern to your bracelet it takes up to 8 sec. regardless of the quality of the image. For the seamless user experience, the tago arc stores the 100 last patterns you use, and cut the pattern transmission time to 2 sec. Good, better, faster!

How does it look in real?


There has been a great progress in the set-up since January.

There are plenty of aspects to consider before manufacturing: design, complexity of assembly, materials, certification procedure, assembly-line, quality of the glue, disassembly, durability testing, qualified suppliers and there is a long-long-long list. But do not worry, we do take care of all for you.

There are other factors which can be executed simultaneously.

  1. Design preparation (DONE)
    1. Final design
    2. Final materials and components
    3. Suppliers
      1. Procurement
      2. Assembly and packaging
      3. Logistics
  2. Tooling set up (IN PROGRESS)
    1. Tools, which can reliably deliver the quality and quantity
    2. Surface treatment – polishing
    3. TESTING TOOLS – quality check
      1. Tago Arc electronics testing tools
      2. Display testing tools
      3. Battery testing tools
    4. Manufactoring the test bracelets for the first users

This is our current status report. Last week the final surfaces has been delivered. Good start and it is now us to improve and create the utmost perfection. We do not compromise on the quality. We deliver you the finest bracelet, to be a proud tago arc owner. 



All product development (software / hardware) there must be a serious test procedure.

We work on the tago arc product for 1 years by now. Waking up and going to sleep with the product. We love our product. We received loads feedbacks and many new ideas. But to ensure the greatness of the tago arc we must to test it with our first, real customers like YOU. Therefore, we would like to launch the test program.

You can apply for the program by next week, when we send you all the application details. Do not stress, you will get notified on time!

And now let’s get back to work. See you soon!

Update_IDG 0629

Hello guys,

As we have promised, by June we deliver the latest update on the Tago Arc. We have obtained answers for our curious questions, we have been through a lot. Now, let’s have a look on the agenda of the current update:

•    Shipping Schedule: World-Wide Shipping: Here We Come!
•    NFC vs. Bluetooth: The solution for iPhone
•    Housing: The devil is in the detail
•    Silicone Case: “Shine bright like a Diamond”

Shipping Date - Word Wide Shipping Here We Come!

We have received plenty of inquiries, regarding the final time when the Tago Arc will be finally available. From 31th October 2016 starts the Indiegogo and pre-order delivery, world-wide, finally. We see no more barriers to fulfill our long-waited obligation. As we have promised, it worth the effort.  

Right before the delivery, we organize a Tago Arc Test Program – a focus-group survey, where we give away the first 100 units of Tago Arc, from the premier series of production. Our main focus will be to capture and maximize the ultimate customer experience. How could you help us? More details are coming up in the next update. 

The latest deadline you will receive your Tago Arc is by 31th of November 2016, as the production proceeds. We will contact each and everyone of you individually for administration purposes, like to fix the address and to select the final model.  

NFC vs.  BLE (Bluetooth™ Low Energy) – The solution for iPhone

As you have already known, it is via the NFC, how the Tago Arc is able to communicate with your smartphone. You did not require anything apart from an Android device, which had an NFC chip. We have tried multiple ways to establish connection with Apple products, but there was no mean to circumvent MFI policies, due to the Apple’s current NFC solution for iPhone. You can only use the NFC chip in the Apple iPhone for payment function (Apple Pay), and therefore we can’t capture and store energy from the NFC chip at all. 
This is why the team has decided to change its original idea and modify the concept, to forge a strength from this particular disadvantage. We have created the Tago Arc BLE series, which is now capable of secure connection with the iPhone and all other BLE devices

As you might know, Bluetooth™ technology requires battery. In the future, we will release the battery-less Bluetooth™ based technology, but now let’s have a look on the bright side:

Features Tago Arc NFC Tago Arc BLE
Only NFC capable
Android devices
BLE capable
Android/iOS devices
Battery (life) No battery 90mAh battery / 90 days stand-by mode
Battery charge No charge Wireless charging (1,5)
Image transfer time Avg 19 sec Avg less than 8 sec
Wireless operating distance Approx 2cm Approx 5m

Easy to Use Bluetooth™
You can use your Tago Arc BLE, with the ease like any other BLE devices. At the first use, you pair your bracelet to your profile, so your bracelet will be available immediately, and ready to start to transfer the pattern. 

Who are the companies to use BLE technology? Apple Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Misfit, Runtastic, Xiaomi, Leaf, FitBit… etc.


Battery life
The BLE makes it possible to establish a connection with the device only in case it is required. So your Tago Arc can operate with battery for a much longer time. According to our test results, under normal conditions, the battery can live for 90 days, without charging

When your battery is running out of power, your Tago app on your smartphone will send you notifications and remind you to place the bracelet on the Wireless Charging Pad, which is included in the package box. The actual charging time should not exceed an hour and your bracelet is ready to use for another 90 days. 

Wireless charging
Multiple companies use the available wireless charging technology: Samsung, LG, Qualcomm, IKEA, and you can even find wireless charging pads in Starbucks. The Tago Arc BLE is compatible with all the available charging pads, you do not need to buy a new one. FYKI: Of course, a charging pad is included in the package. 


It’s free!
The good news is, that you, who have bought the Tago Arc NFC, now have the opportunity to change to Tago Arc BLE, without any additional charge or cost. IT’S FREE FOR INDIEGOGO BACKERS AND THE BRAVE ONE’S WHO PREORDERED ON WEBSHOP. 


Housing - The devil is in the detail

As we have discussed several times, the Housing is the “linch-pin” of the R&D process. There is a substantial difference between prototyping and mass-“like”-production. While a prototype could cost hundreds of dollars, this range is not sustainable in the final manufacturing process. Therefore, we had to reconsider the feasibility of the Housing without changing any key characteristic element of the bracelet.

The curved form, and the rigged edges, the jewelry effect has nothing changed. Originally, we wanted to create the design from 1 part only. On the go, we realized that it was not feasible, due to manufacturing and production reasons. So the final bracelet stands together from 3 identical parts. 

The middle part is dedicated to cover and lock the “soul” of the bracelet. The “soul” stands for the electronics and the flexible, ultra-thin E-ink display. The two-side metal contributes to the rigidity of the bracelet and make it water-resistant. 


Silicone Case – Shine bright like a diamond

We love our electronic devices. At running, while working, just before sleeping, while having a birthday party… anytime. We assume you have bought some accessories to your gadget, or even plenty. We have to come clean and define that, the Tago Arc does not fall into this category. Tago Arc is a high-fashion JEWELRY. 

We have tested several high-quality solutions for silicon case, pursuing the best option. Unfortunately, none of the options were close to comply with our high expectations, and finally we had the drop the idea of the silicon cover. 

When you wear your Tago arc, you want to feel the delights of the golden metal, you want to see the reflection and shine. The Tago arc is your customizable outfit, and it distinguishes you. Therefore, those of you who have bought the silicon case, we provide vouchers for the Tago Community Shop, where you can purchase the latest and trending patterns of famous designers across the world. So your initial inventory will be richer in pattern enabling you to further customize your outfit. We will keep you informed later on, when your final delivery will be scheduled. 


Coming up next:
-    Whats goin’ on... 
-    Android and NFC Application Demo
-    Next update will be released: 07.15
-    Test Program details

Update_IDG 0506

Dear Friends,

It has been a while since our last update. We took a bit of a long break. In this letter we would like to share with you some of the unexpected issues we are currently facing. But first, let’s see what we have accomplished so far:


It is done, we are ready to launch the tago application available on Google Play and Apple Store with a bunch of awesome patterns (cca 1000 pieces). We would love to know about the styles you like, so we can bring you, and to the rest of our customers the most personalized designs. With such insights of your personal product preferences, we could give better directions to our group of designers. We also have decided to insert a one-month test period after the deliveries prior to launching the tago community.


Electronics: yessss, we can proudly announce that we have developed the world’s first #nocharge technology in a wearable!!! The NFC chip, the E Ink display combined with our electronics built behind it, works perfectly.

I guess you all know, that NFC chip is available in Android and iOS smartphones as well, however Apple doesn’t allow its free use. But, we have solved the problem of Apple devices!

We have developed the solution, and we are working hard on its IP now. As soon as, it is publicly announced, we will reveal this technology immediately.

We are sticking to our initial vision, which is, to deliver you a high fashion bracelet. We are talking an actual piece of jewelry here, not another smart accessory. Therefore, this process is a bit challenging for us. In order to explain, first let us outline the difference between a traditional, and a smart jewelry:

Traditional jewelry: the final product is finely machined metals bound in a perfect solid shape. This is the actual product available for purchases in stores. If one has the right idea, anything can be created from the materials. There are no limits to design here. There is no sensitive motherboard, antennas, chips. Just the shining curves, and gems. Of course you need to get the certificates to sell your jewelry, but those are based on only the materials used.

Jewelry with electronics: similalry to the traditional jewelry, this is perfect as well, however, it is not in a solid shape, which is a huge challenge for our engineers, because they need to allocate the smallest area for all the electronics with the thinnest wall dimension for the metal house. Many challenges can arise from this process, such as: “What if the curve of the bracelet is not good for the motherboard? or “What if the antenna can’t communicate on that position?”, or “We need to get more than 30 certificates because of the electronical parts: waterproof, CE, EMC, PC-ABS, just to mention a few.

So in relation to the above: Why not to create the tago arc in a one piece? Fortunately, our product designers are working on to allocate the best looking shapes, keeping the design stylish and sexy, and also they are also making it fit for serial production.

We have manufactured prototypes at factories in Hungary, Poland, US, Germany, China. Unfortunately, none of them have worked well, yet.  But these issues are not slowing us down, to the contrary. We are moving forward quickly. Luckily, we have great supporters from all around the world, and with their help, we have been in the process of resolving these challenges. As a result, we have begun negotiations and manufacturing with 4 new factories. In about 2-3 weeks, they will be coming back to us with a housing sample, and then it will take us another 2-3 weeks to assemble and test the product, so we can be sure that it is working well with our technologies.


Consequently, this is is the very reason, that we are presently unable to deliver your tago arc by the postponed delivery date this month, in May.  

Then when can you? – you should rightfully ask.

We have travelled a long journey in the past 14 months, and during this time, we have learnt, that building a product, especially if it is a hardware, is a kinda’ unpredictable.

Your trust would mean a lot to us, as our intention is to build our relationship further, rather than to destroy it. In all honesty, we are unable to give out an exact date, at this time. Our goal is to first figure out the “the housing issue”. As soon as this happens, hopefully by the middle of June, we can come back to you with a final delivery date.

Until then, we will be keeping you posted with every newsworthy thing.

Please feel free to reach out to us regarding these matters at We promise to get back to you in 24 hours.

It is our hope that you understand our situation, and you continue to believe in our team, and in our beloved tago arc throughout this journey we are travelling together!


Zoli Kovacs




We are counting down and looking forward the spring, the sunshine, the flowers and trees, the smell of a new season, and of course, our tago arc being delivered to you.

And colors! Look at these! We have started pre-production test runs for the silicone cases and are working on finding the most vivid colors available.

Funny story. When these cases first arrived they had an unusual smell. Normally pre-production cases like these have a typical glue scent, however several team members (including our founder) say they smell like a lemon cookie:) We promise the final ones will be smell-free ….. although who doesn’t like cookies!

And a kind reminder: we sent you a questionnaire 2 weeks ago about the phone you use. If you haven’t already we would really appreciate it if you could help us by completing the form.

Thanks a lot!

Wish you a nice day and a great weekend!