When sexy and elegance met…

…they consumed some cutting edge technologies and created #tago arc

I am #tago arc a next generation accessory for women and men alike who are into cutting edge technologies and high-fashion. I am basically a full E Ink display, that is endlessly changeable and I am able to gift you with the biggest freedom – the freedom of expressing yourself 


The passion for fashion runs in my family – tells the story Zoli, the creator of #tago arc -my sister is a fashion designer and I myself am a huge accessory fan - bracelets, watches, sun glasses you name it. But I also like my gadgets and I like tinkering with electronics.
The concept of #tago arc was developed gradually overtime… The idea came to me in an Aha moment in the middle of the night. 

We always knew we wanted to further cordless and wireless - #NOcord, #NOcharge and #NObutton technologies that integrate our high fashion - premium quality philosophy, and so we started to work on #tago arc. 


#tago arc is different…it is actually fashionable, something you would like to wear because it looks good, it feels good…
Observing the recent events in the industry we believe that wearable technologies have reached an impasse, and the barrier seems to be consumer convenience when it comes to interacting with and recharging ones gadgets. 

There is a bit of a struggle or challenge if you like between consumer experience - battery life versus smarter technologies. We believe that what our consumers and what the market needs is not another smart gadget but a premium quality accessory that provides a smoother user experience and liberates our users from the stress and inconvenience of dying batteries, cords, bluetooth, syncing the devices and charging.

We believe that the tago arc, its quality, its design and uniqueness speaks for itself and women will fall in love with it for its chic simplicity and elegance, and not an added software functionality or smart extension.
We believe that fashionable wearables are the way forward, gadgets that are appealing and chic. 


A bracelet that dresses, inspires and impresses! You can read more about #tago arc here.