Tago arc release date, new sizes

Dear Friends,

Good news is that we have the perfect display for the tago arc. Perfect in a sense that its resolution is optimized, its geometry has been enlarged to represent the patterns on the largest surface possible and enables the sleekest housing bezel design.

Unfortunately, these developments have taken a bit longer than we expected, but we wanted to stick to our basic principles: tago arc is a high fashion jewelry with cutting edge technology and not another low quality smart accessory.

Consequently, we will have a delay in fulfilling all our pre-orders from the IGG contributors. We will continuously deliver the tago arcs, considering the order of the contributions. Until the end of May the latest you will surely have your tago arc on your wrist.

Additionally, the final tago arc will come now in new sizes and shapes. These small adjustments make it possible to fit the bracelet just perfectly onto your wrist. It is just perfect, trust us, we have already tried it! :)

If you are an indiegogo backer, please check mail, you've already got the the details of the new sizes. 

We strongly believe that it’s worth waiting these last few months to have your perfect tago arc. Keep your excitement up, it’s coming so soon!

Wish you all the best,