Indiegogo update 12.08.2016

Dear Backers,

Let us share the latest insights and happening with L!BER8 and the tago arc product development. Last month we have released the Tago Lounge app – to once and for all confirm all delivery and product details with the backers, finally prepare to for the delivery. Thank you for the massive interest in the app and thank you for your efforts filling out the necessary details. It has truly helped us a lot. In case we have not responded yet, let us know and we resolve the question as soon as possible.

We have also included the tago arc seizer to the e-mail sent out last week. For those of you, who have missed it, you could find it in the following link:

»» Download tago arc Sizer ««

Many of you have reasonably asked me about the delivery dates. I would like to tell you that the last 20 months have exceeded all of our expectations by far – since the closure of the IGG campaign. During the way, we have experienced many technological and financial peculiarities, denting, harming and damaging our progress. We have overcome the challenges, learned from the failures and gained powerful experiences on our journey. Altogether, our best estimate on tago arc delivery is 31th January 2017. Please allow us a flexibility on this hard deadline.

All our procurement has been started, all our technology development has been finalized. Now we are in the hand of our suppliers, in the hand of our partners to roll out the products for you. Please bear with us a little more, as we have turned to the last curve and accelerate to break through the finish-line.

Bluetooth™ over NFC
The battle between the two competing technologies is over – for the moment. As we have mentioned in our previous post the Bluetooth technology has multiple advantages over the NFC. Nearly 99% of our backers and pre-orders have chosen the Bluetooth technology, therefore we decided to proceeded with the necessary procurement for manufacturing and to satisfy the demand.  We have also started to prepare to comply with the Bloutooth license agreement – the official way for products are qualified using the technology. We believe, the ease of use, the wider device compatibility and the better user experience compensate you for the change we have made. And do not forget: the battery inside the tago arc will last up to 45 days without charging.


As you might also follow the latest happenings in the tech-world the latest shock is the Samsung Galaxy Note battery issue. Those batteries were dangerous and increased the likelihood of inflammation. Therefore, every battery supplier refrained their schedule and increased their lead-time due to multiple tests and inspections. We are no exception. Our procurement has also suffering from increased lead-times, making the bottleneck of the manufacturing process. We ensure that all tago arc models comply with the highest industry and safety standards; pass through multiple check points in the assembly process, and guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction. Good news that China does not sleep during the Holidays.

We have always wanted no cords, no buttons, and no charging points on the bracelet. Our design and fashion statement induced us to select the wireless charging solution. The tago arc comes with a custom-made Qi-charger, especially designed for the bracelet. The tago arc sits comfortably on the charger, leading the aesthetics curves and bends of the bracelet. The unerring physical match and seamless connection between the two elements are harmoniously collide to each-other making a noticeable impression with the complementary design. The charger complies with all international and technology standards, like Qi-license, CE/FCC certification.

The most precious part of the tago arc bracelet is the metal surroundings, which gives the jewelry look and distinguished design to the bracelet. The outstanding differentiating factor, which has the defining characteristics to place the bracelet into the “smart-jewelry” category. We have taken special care to select and proceed with the metal-strategy we have envisioned. We use surgical grade stainless steal – without any allergic consequence to the human skin. The metal tools press the parts with 40 tons – approximately 20 Tesla model S cars’ weight – to deliver the fine contours of the metal. The tools are tested, fine-tuned and fully functional to deliver the first batch of bracelet parts.

The metallic parts are taken to another workshop, where the silver, golden and black plating with a procedure known for artisans and jewelry experts. The metals receive a gold/silver black “bath” where the layers are put on the metallic parts. In the final step the plated metals receive a protective lacquer layer, to ensure the plaiting’s durability. The plated metals sit in a lacquer room for a day, to take over the room temperature, only after the layer is spread over the surface. UV lights captures and solidify the layer. The metals dry in a dust-proof same-temperature room for another day to finalize the quality.

At this point, I would like to emphasize that we could have delivered some bracelet, with sub-premium plastic molds, acceptable metallic parts and low-cost e-ink display BUT WE PURSUE THE BEST. During the entire process we accept nothing less than perfect to our bracelet. We want to and would like you to be proud of the tago arc, every time you wear it. Yes, it is hard – Yes, it is long – Yes, it is expensive – but to put it simple: WORTH IT.

The tago app will be released in time with the product delivery. It will have plenty of patterns installed, and it will also incorporate the “photo-function”. The photo function will enable you to create your own pattern, by taking photo of what you want to wear on your wrist. It could be your companion, your car or just a simple pattern – it is up to you.

Thank you for your patience, we keep you posted with the latest happenings in a timely manner. Believe me, no one wants to see more the bracelets off the assembly line more than ME. We are working day and night to bring happiness to your days.