Dear friends on Indiegogo,
we have some development news for you this week.

While the display is on the production line, we are preparing everything to be ready when we get them at the beginning of December.

We have an engineering sample for the housing in the office that perfectly fits most of the girls wrist. It’s lightweight and comfortable, we really love it.


pasted image 0.png

Also, a big issue is solved finally, we found the glue that keeps the display in the housing.

According to the test we’ve done it makes the bracelet drop proof and it doesn’t effect the plastic and metal materials nor the display.

Again, did you realise it’s drop proof? We are so happy that we can wash our hands while wearing the bracelet. It’s a very important step forward. It’s a UV based material check out how we worked with it:


Furthermore, we found a very promising packaging design but let’s keep your excitement about it for the next update ;)
Have a nice day!