Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
With the holidays here we wanted to thank you again for all your support during this year.  It’s been an amazing journey so far and we look forward to continuing it with you next year.

Everyone here at Liber8 loves this season and the opportunity it offers to share with our family and friends.  This season we wanted to include you, our extended family, as well.  So we designed 10 limited edition patterns for you to display on your tago arc. These exclusive patterns will be available in the tago app after you have registered your arc.

The inspiration behind these beautiful patterns comes from many places. Anna, one of our visual designers, shows how she channels her ideas in the illustration below.

Our technical team had also continued to make progress over the past 2 weeks.  With the arrival of our final displays testing of the new PCB board has started.  Testing is one of our favorite parts of the development process as it allows us to engage with and learn about the tago.  We were obviously having too much fun as we broke one of the displays … there’s no better way to learn than by breaking stuff!

With the fun out of our system we are now back to the hard work of ensuring the displays and the rest of the tago meet our exacting specifications and standards.

Last but not at least; the team saw Star Wars VII together!!! It was more than fun!

We wish you all the best over the holidays and hope you have a chance to relax, 2016 is going to be huge.