Hi Tago Family,

Hope you all had a great Christmas holiday and had the opportunity to spend some precious time with your family. We did! :)

Now, with renewed energy (and a tiny hangover), we have dived back into the development of the tago. Good news, we finished testing of the new E Ink display: it looks fantastic and proportionally doesn’t consume any more energy than the smaller prototype version.

We have also been working hard on the software and are proud to share with you the very first screenshot of the production app. Shhhh …. this is for your eyes only, we’re sharing this with you because you’re a special member of the tago family!


Tell us what you think of it.

We have some more very exciting news to share with you. Liber8 and the tago arc is one of the finalists at the world’s largest wearable competition, the Innovation World Cup. The final will be in Munich on the 26th of January where Zoli, our CEO, will present Liber8 and the tago arc.   

Ping us if you’d like to meet us at the event, we would love to have your support and an opportunity to chat with you.

Wish you all the best and lots of fun & happiness for 2016.