We are counting down and looking forward the spring, the sunshine, the flowers and trees, the smell of a new season, and of course, our tago arc being delivered to you.

And colors! Look at these! We have started pre-production test runs for the silicone cases and are working on finding the most vivid colors available.

Funny story. When these cases first arrived they had an unusual smell. Normally pre-production cases like these have a typical glue scent, however several team members (including our founder) say they smell like a lemon cookie:) We promise the final ones will be smell-free ….. although who doesn’t like cookies!

And a kind reminder: we sent you a questionnaire 2 weeks ago about the phone you use. If you haven’t already we would really appreciate it if you could help us by completing the form.

Thanks a lot!

Wish you a nice day and a great weekend!