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Dear Friends,

It has been a while since our last update. We took a bit of a long break. In this letter we would like to share with you some of the unexpected issues we are currently facing. But first, let’s see what we have accomplished so far:


It is done, we are ready to launch the tago application available on Google Play and Apple Store with a bunch of awesome patterns (cca 1000 pieces). We would love to know about the styles you like, so we can bring you, and to the rest of our customers the most personalized designs. With such insights of your personal product preferences, we could give better directions to our group of designers. We also have decided to insert a one-month test period after the deliveries prior to launching the tago community.


Electronics: yessss, we can proudly announce that we have developed the world’s first #nocharge technology in a wearable!!! The NFC chip, the E Ink display combined with our electronics built behind it, works perfectly.

I guess you all know, that NFC chip is available in Android and iOS smartphones as well, however Apple doesn’t allow its free use. But, we have solved the problem of Apple devices!

We have developed the solution, and we are working hard on its IP now. As soon as, it is publicly announced, we will reveal this technology immediately.

We are sticking to our initial vision, which is, to deliver you a high fashion bracelet. We are talking an actual piece of jewelry here, not another smart accessory. Therefore, this process is a bit challenging for us. In order to explain, first let us outline the difference between a traditional, and a smart jewelry:

Traditional jewelry: the final product is finely machined metals bound in a perfect solid shape. This is the actual product available for purchases in stores. If one has the right idea, anything can be created from the materials. There are no limits to design here. There is no sensitive motherboard, antennas, chips. Just the shining curves, and gems. Of course you need to get the certificates to sell your jewelry, but those are based on only the materials used.

Jewelry with electronics: similalry to the traditional jewelry, this is perfect as well, however, it is not in a solid shape, which is a huge challenge for our engineers, because they need to allocate the smallest area for all the electronics with the thinnest wall dimension for the metal house. Many challenges can arise from this process, such as: “What if the curve of the bracelet is not good for the motherboard? or “What if the antenna can’t communicate on that position?”, or “We need to get more than 30 certificates because of the electronical parts: waterproof, CE, EMC, PC-ABS, just to mention a few.

So in relation to the above: Why not to create the tago arc in a one piece? Fortunately, our product designers are working on to allocate the best looking shapes, keeping the design stylish and sexy, and also they are also making it fit for serial production.

We have manufactured prototypes at factories in Hungary, Poland, US, Germany, China. Unfortunately, none of them have worked well, yet.  But these issues are not slowing us down, to the contrary. We are moving forward quickly. Luckily, we have great supporters from all around the world, and with their help, we have been in the process of resolving these challenges. As a result, we have begun negotiations and manufacturing with 4 new factories. In about 2-3 weeks, they will be coming back to us with a housing sample, and then it will take us another 2-3 weeks to assemble and test the product, so we can be sure that it is working well with our technologies.


Consequently, this is is the very reason, that we are presently unable to deliver your tago arc by the postponed delivery date this month, in May.  

Then when can you? – you should rightfully ask.

We have travelled a long journey in the past 14 months, and during this time, we have learnt, that building a product, especially if it is a hardware, is a kinda’ unpredictable.

Your trust would mean a lot to us, as our intention is to build our relationship further, rather than to destroy it. In all honesty, we are unable to give out an exact date, at this time. Our goal is to first figure out the “the housing issue”. As soon as this happens, hopefully by the middle of June, we can come back to you with a final delivery date.

Until then, we will be keeping you posted with every newsworthy thing.

Please feel free to reach out to us regarding these matters at support@liber8tech.com. We promise to get back to you in 24 hours.

It is our hope that you understand our situation, and you continue to believe in our team, and in our beloved tago arc throughout this journey we are travelling together!


Zoli Kovacs