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Hello guys,

As we have promised, by June we deliver the latest update on the Tago Arc. We have obtained answers for our curious questions, we have been through a lot. Now, let’s have a look on the agenda of the current update:

•    Shipping Schedule: World-Wide Shipping: Here We Come!
•    NFC vs. Bluetooth: The solution for iPhone
•    Housing: The devil is in the detail
•    Silicone Case: “Shine bright like a Diamond”

Shipping Date - Word Wide Shipping Here We Come!

We have received plenty of inquiries, regarding the final time when the Tago Arc will be finally available. From 31th October 2016 starts the Indiegogo and pre-order delivery, world-wide, finally. We see no more barriers to fulfill our long-waited obligation. As we have promised, it worth the effort.  

Right before the delivery, we organize a Tago Arc Test Program – a focus-group survey, where we give away the first 100 units of Tago Arc, from the premier series of production. Our main focus will be to capture and maximize the ultimate customer experience. How could you help us? More details are coming up in the next update. 

The latest deadline you will receive your Tago Arc is by 31th of November 2016, as the production proceeds. We will contact each and everyone of you individually for administration purposes, like to fix the address and to select the final model.  

NFC vs.  BLE (Bluetooth™ Low Energy) – The solution for iPhone

As you have already known, it is via the NFC, how the Tago Arc is able to communicate with your smartphone. You did not require anything apart from an Android device, which had an NFC chip. We have tried multiple ways to establish connection with Apple products, but there was no mean to circumvent MFI policies, due to the Apple’s current NFC solution for iPhone. You can only use the NFC chip in the Apple iPhone for payment function (Apple Pay), and therefore we can’t capture and store energy from the NFC chip at all. 
This is why the team has decided to change its original idea and modify the concept, to forge a strength from this particular disadvantage. We have created the Tago Arc BLE series, which is now capable of secure connection with the iPhone and all other BLE devices

As you might know, Bluetooth™ technology requires battery. In the future, we will release the battery-less Bluetooth™ based technology, but now let’s have a look on the bright side:

Features Tago Arc NFC Tago Arc BLE
Only NFC capable
Android devices
BLE capable
Android/iOS devices
Battery (life) No battery 90mAh battery / 90 days stand-by mode
Battery charge No charge Wireless charging (1,5)
Image transfer time Avg 19 sec Avg less than 8 sec
Wireless operating distance Approx 2cm Approx 5m

Easy to Use Bluetooth™
You can use your Tago Arc BLE, with the ease like any other BLE devices. At the first use, you pair your bracelet to your profile, so your bracelet will be available immediately, and ready to start to transfer the pattern. 

Who are the companies to use BLE technology? Apple Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Misfit, Runtastic, Xiaomi, Leaf, FitBit… etc.


Battery life
The BLE makes it possible to establish a connection with the device only in case it is required. So your Tago Arc can operate with battery for a much longer time. According to our test results, under normal conditions, the battery can live for 90 days, without charging

When your battery is running out of power, your Tago app on your smartphone will send you notifications and remind you to place the bracelet on the Wireless Charging Pad, which is included in the package box. The actual charging time should not exceed an hour and your bracelet is ready to use for another 90 days. 

Wireless charging
Multiple companies use the available wireless charging technology: Samsung, LG, Qualcomm, IKEA, and you can even find wireless charging pads in Starbucks. The Tago Arc BLE is compatible with all the available charging pads, you do not need to buy a new one. FYKI: Of course, a charging pad is included in the package. 


It’s free!
The good news is, that you, who have bought the Tago Arc NFC, now have the opportunity to change to Tago Arc BLE, without any additional charge or cost. IT’S FREE FOR INDIEGOGO BACKERS AND THE BRAVE ONE’S WHO PREORDERED ON WEBSHOP. 


Housing - The devil is in the detail

As we have discussed several times, the Housing is the “linch-pin” of the R&D process. There is a substantial difference between prototyping and mass-“like”-production. While a prototype could cost hundreds of dollars, this range is not sustainable in the final manufacturing process. Therefore, we had to reconsider the feasibility of the Housing without changing any key characteristic element of the bracelet.

The curved form, and the rigged edges, the jewelry effect has nothing changed. Originally, we wanted to create the design from 1 part only. On the go, we realized that it was not feasible, due to manufacturing and production reasons. So the final bracelet stands together from 3 identical parts. 

The middle part is dedicated to cover and lock the “soul” of the bracelet. The “soul” stands for the electronics and the flexible, ultra-thin E-ink display. The two-side metal contributes to the rigidity of the bracelet and make it water-resistant. 


Silicone Case – Shine bright like a diamond

We love our electronic devices. At running, while working, just before sleeping, while having a birthday party… anytime. We assume you have bought some accessories to your gadget, or even plenty. We have to come clean and define that, the Tago Arc does not fall into this category. Tago Arc is a high-fashion JEWELRY. 

We have tested several high-quality solutions for silicon case, pursuing the best option. Unfortunately, none of the options were close to comply with our high expectations, and finally we had the drop the idea of the silicon cover. 

When you wear your Tago arc, you want to feel the delights of the golden metal, you want to see the reflection and shine. The Tago arc is your customizable outfit, and it distinguishes you. Therefore, those of you who have bought the silicon case, we provide vouchers for the Tago Community Shop, where you can purchase the latest and trending patterns of famous designers across the world. So your initial inventory will be richer in pattern enabling you to further customize your outfit. We will keep you informed later on, when your final delivery will be scheduled. 


Coming up next:
-    Whats goin’ on... 
-    Android and NFC Application Demo
-    Next update will be released: 07.15
-    Test Program details