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Your ultiMATE access to the tago project.

As we get closer and closer to the delivery, that’s how we need to finalize all the pre-orders. Many of the backer community did not respond to our query to confirm delivery details, leaving us confused. Since a lot of time has passed since then, we decided to have a last round of confirmation of your shipping details.

We created an app, which will guide you through the tago arc delivery process. You will not need more than your e-mail address to use the app. This is how we can identify you with your already existing profile and enable you to assess your delivery details.

The application has the purpose of checking your device’s compatibility with the tago arc arriving by the end of the year. You just need to let the app check your version of NFC and Blutetooth of your device.

Furthermore the app will be your ultimate friend regarding the tago project. The app will notify you, in case there is an update in the progress, or when your bracelet is ready for delivery. There is no more e-mails landing in the SPAM folder.


Everyone has a Bluetooth compatible device.Do you recall the process, when you want to use your headphone, but have to set up the Bluetooth connection?

You have to turn the Bluetooth on, search for the device you want to use and pair them. This process has a significant cost in terms of battery time. Bluetooth connections leave your devices’ battery depleted.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) provides a smart solution for the battery problem. It only establish a connection between devices when it needs to. This is why many fitness trackers use the solution, as there is no need for constant usage of the connection.

We chose the BLE technology, because the Tago Arc is now ready for you up to 90 days, with only one charge.

To transmit the pattern to your bracelet it takes up to 8 sec. regardless of the quality of the image. For the seamless user experience, the tago arc stores the 100 last patterns you use, and cut the pattern transmission time to 2 sec. Good, better, faster!

How does it look in real?


There has been a great progress in the set-up since January.

There are plenty of aspects to consider before manufacturing: design, complexity of assembly, materials, certification procedure, assembly-line, quality of the glue, disassembly, durability testing, qualified suppliers and there is a long-long-long list. But do not worry, we do take care of all for you.

There are other factors which can be executed simultaneously.

  1. Design preparation (DONE)
    1. Final design
    2. Final materials and components
    3. Suppliers
      1. Procurement
      2. Assembly and packaging
      3. Logistics
  2. Tooling set up (IN PROGRESS)
    1. Tools, which can reliably deliver the quality and quantity
    2. Surface treatment – polishing
    3. TESTING TOOLS – quality check
      1. Tago Arc electronics testing tools
      2. Display testing tools
      3. Battery testing tools
    4. Manufactoring the test bracelets for the first users

This is our current status report. Last week the final surfaces has been delivered. Good start and it is now us to improve and create the utmost perfection. We do not compromise on the quality. We deliver you the finest bracelet, to be a proud tago arc owner. 



All product development (software / hardware) there must be a serious test procedure.

We work on the tago arc product for 1 years by now. Waking up and going to sleep with the product. We love our product. We received loads feedbacks and many new ideas. But to ensure the greatness of the tago arc we must to test it with our first, real customers like YOU. Therefore, we would like to launch the test program.

You can apply for the program by next week, when we send you all the application details. Do not stress, you will get notified on time!

And now let’s get back to work. See you soon!