Indiegogo Update 03.13.2017

Dear Backers,

Delay – delay – delay. We do not cease to fail our deadlines, determined by only ourselves. I would love to say that we generate the “delayed gratification”, but I can assure you that our delays are not intentional at all. Let us wind up what happened since January our previously promised deadline:

As the ordered component poured in to our manufacturing facility, guys started to put the puzzle together. The process takes tremendous amount of effort and scrutiny to get the pieces right. You can imagine that between your hand and the screen on top, there are !9! layers all together. This is referred as “the sandwich”. 

 As you can guess for the first trials and errors it was not going smooth. We discovered problems that we are not foreseeable: we had perfect design and models on table for all the individual components, but when they came together, practice overwrote the theory. Namely, the sandwich was too big to fit. We by now overcome the situation, did the necessary modification and spent extra effort and time to harmonize the components. We sacrificed some scrap to save you from a potential discontent.  

We designed and delivered the unique pack for the bracelet and for its accessories. Now you can have a peak into it: 

We have released an additional functionality for the app: “The photo function”. Now you can create your own pattern simply by taking a photo with smartphone’s camera. Simple. Powerful. Endless design. 

As you know by now, the Bluetooth module requires battery in the bracelet. The battery needs charge. As we did not want to see any cord, button or plug. What we use instead is a wireless solution designed by ourselves. The unique shape and layout enables the charger to comfortably sit on the charger while on the charge. Bear in mind that due to the low energy consumption the tago arc bracelet works for more than a month with one charge. 


The best estimate now that we can come up with is by the end of April 2017. Please bear with us a little more as we are again almost there.