Liber8tech News 03/16/2017

A message from the CEO of Liber8tech

Most of you probably noticed a decrease in our online outreach and raised the obvious question: “Where on Earth are these people?”.

We were working full time on laying out mass production plans for tago arc, and focusing all our resources on manufacturing unfortunately left us with little or no time for online communication.

But we are here now, and I would like to share an update with you.

For the past couple months we were busy setting up tago arc’s production, which comes with a general trial-and-error phase, constant problem-solving and the remeasurement of all parts until they meet technical criteria and high quality standards. After coming up with fifteen different versions for tago arc bracelet’s electronics and external metal casing through the past six months, we finally finished development.

I am proud to announce that mass production of tago arc has kicked off and the first batch will be a silver size M.

 Pre-orders are now being prepared for shipment, and we will personally deliver the long-awaited tago arcs for our first backers.

  Tago Arc bracelet production unit

Tago Arc bracelet production unit

At the moment we are figuring out a way to manufacture two more sizes (S, L) and colors (gold, black) with accelerated production process and simplified quality control, while keeping high standards.

With a 10.000-piece order coming from US wholesale distributors, tago arc also shows a promising future in retail sales. We are looking for potential distributors in most countries, as we are planning to put tago arc on the shelves worldwide.

And last, but not least, let me share with you some images of the tago arc, the tago app and the package design.

  Tago Arc App

Tago Arc App

  Tago Arc packaging

Tago Arc packaging

We would like to thank all the support, perseverance and patience our costumers and co-workers showed during these past times.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Zoli Kovacs
CEO of Liber8tech