Liber8tech News 04/08/2017

Our beloved Supporters!

We would like to thank you all your positive energies that we feel, supporting the project, with feedbacks, notes and with enormous patience. We started the deliveries and many more pre-orders are strictly scheduled for delivery in the coming month. We do not go on holidays in August: we have a job to complete that we started years ago.

We have approved and release the “L”  - LARGE size bracelets as of today. Our next big milestone is to finally approve and proceed with the plated bracelets – GOLD and BLACK – and as well as other sizes- SMALL. Unfortunately more iteration was necessary, which prolonged our timeline. Our best estimate to deliver these units by the end of August 2017.

 The winner.

The winner.

On the way, we won a 1st place award and participate at the investor roadshow, organized by EUROPEAN SUPER ANGELS CLUB, a prestigious Vienna based, global network of business angels. We believe their strong expertise will enable us to continue our revolutionary journey in the fashion and luxury industry.