Where past, present and future meets. Just like time travellers jumping from one dimension to another. Drinking coffee where Hemingway did in the 19th century with a jewellery from the future on our wrists.

But human values are timeless. Have you ever thought about the memories from your vacations? It is always the person you travel with, the kind waiter from your favourite restaurant, the couple who were sunbathing beside you on the beach and on the last evening you drank champagne with them. And as a woman, the beautiful shoes you could not resist – and be honest, never wanted to. :)

Guess who said it: “Never go on trips you do not love”


Well, I was with my lovely colleague, and I will always remember those exciting and inspiring days in Paris :)))  

How to get ready for the fashion week in the most romantic city of the world? Sure with champagne! When you are on the way to see amazing clothes and Paris crowded with models and celebrities you treat yourself in every way. And what else is in a woman’s mind before a trip like this… Of course let’s check all the stores!    


We were quickly caught up in the whirlwind of the fashion. It was a turbulent couple of weeks, with impressions to last a lifetime. The colours, the fashionable women and men, the clothes, the fabrics, the flashing cameras, the crowds. It was a very special way to experience Paris for the first time.


Paris was beautiful and generous with adventures. We will definitely be back, perhaps on the runway with tago arc next year :)